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Kylers First BirthdayDad peeping over our fence that we just finished buildingAbrey Joy making one of her facesThe golden egg blew my mindKyler as a bad assHeavy Load for such a younganPost Hunt GoodnessAubrey Strikes a PoseJulianna Smiles for PictureAmanda Holding Kyler UpHiddenExposedStealing candy from a babyGet those eggs in thereGuinea PigEggs in a boxAmanda and Kyler chillin' outGo where the finger saysSillyMy sister's new baby Kyler with the present I bought him!,Granddad sleeping.Granddad is chillin'.Amanda and the new guy Kyler getting some sleepMom with the Super Hero Mask onGrandma and Aubrey on CoutchAubrey and Dad on the Couch